Dr. Kong Hung SZE


BSc, PhD


Scientific Officer, Department of Microbiology


Email: khsze@hku.hk


ORCID : https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0898-605X



Research Interests:

» Structural Biology of virulent factors of Penicillium marneffei, and other emerging human pathogens
» Influenza virus and host interaction; relationship of mutations on viral proteins and host infection
» Determine the structures and functions of biologically important molecules using bioinfomatics, molecular modeling, NMR spectroscopy and other biological and physical methods
» Development of computational and experimental methods for applying NMR spectroscopy for Drug screening and Design


Selected publications:

1. Backbone and side-chain (1)H, (13)C and (15)N assignments of the PPIase domain of macrophage infectivity potentiator (Mip) protein from Coxiella burnetii; Man-Kit Tse, Stanley K K Cheung, Yi-Hong Ke, Candy C Y Lau, Kong-Hung Sze*, Kwok-Yung Yuen; Biomolecular NMR Assignments 04/2013; DOI:10.1007/s12104-013-9477-3.

2. Domain Organization of XAF1 and the Identification and Characterization of XIAP(RING) -binding Domain of XAF1, Man Kit Tse, Chi Kong Cho, Wai Fung Wong, Bing Zou, Sin Kam Hui, Benjamin Chun Yu Wong and Kong Hung Sze*, 2012, Protein Sci. (2012) 21(10):1418-1428.

3. Solution structure of the dimerization domain of the eukaryotic stalk P1/P2 complex reveals the structural organization of eukaryotic stalk complex, Ka-Ming Lee, Conny Wing-Heng Yu, Teddy Yu-Hin Chiu, Kong-Hung Sze, Pang-Chui Shaw, Kam-Bo Wong, Nucleic Acids Research. (2012) 40:3172-3182.

4. Structural Analysis of the UBA Domain of X-linked Inhibitor of Apoptosis Protein Reveals Different Surfaces for Ubiquitin-binding and Self-association, Man-Kit Tse, Sin-Kam Hui, Yinhua Yang , SinTao Yin, HongYu Hu, Bing Zou, Benjamin Chun-Yu Wong and Kong-Hung Sze*; PLoS One, 6 (2011) e28511.

5. Goldfish Spexin: Solution Structure and Novel Function as a Satiety Factor in Feeding Control.; Matthew K H Wong, Kong Hung Sze, Ting Chen, Chi Kong Cho, Henry C H Law, Ivan K Chu, Anderson O L Wong; AJP Endocrinology and Metabolism. 05/2013; DOI:10.1152/ajpendo.00141.2013.

6. Maize Ribosome-Inactivating Protein Uses Lys158-Lys161 to Interact with Ribosomal Protein P2 and the Strength of Interaction Is Correlated to the Biological Activities, Wong, Yuen-Ting; Ng, Yiu-Ming; Mak, Amanda Nga-Sze; Sze, Kong-Hung; Wong, Kam-Bo; Shaw, Pang-Chui; PLoS One, 7(2012) e49608.

7. Production of 2-aminophenoxazine-3-one by Staphylococcus aureus causes false-positive results in G]-galactosidase assay, Herman Tse, Elaine Chan, Ching-Wan Lam, Ka-Fai Leung, Pat Chow, Kim-Chung Lee, Kong-Hung Sze, Stanley K K Cheung, Man-Kit Tse, Pak-Leung Ho, Sze-Pui Leung, Susanna K P Lau, Patrick C Y Woo, Kwok-Yung Yuen, J Clin Microbiol. (2012) 50(11):3780-3782.

8. Transport genes and chemotaxis in Laribacter hongkongensis: a genome-wide analysis, Susanna KP Lau, Rachel YY Fan, Gilman KM Wong, Jade LL Teng, Kong-Hung Sze, Herman Tse, Kwok-Yung Yuen and Patrick CY Woo, Cell & Bioscience (2011) 1:28.

9. Backbone and side-chain 1H, 13C and 15N resonance assignments of resonance assignments of S18Y mutant of Ubiquitin carboxy-terminal hydrolase L1, Ho-Sum Tse , Hong-Yu Hu and Kong-Hung Sze*; J. Biomol. NMR Assignments, 5 (2011) 165-168.

10. Structural basis and sequence co-evolution analysis of the hemagglutinin protein of pandemic influenza A/H1N1 (2009) virus, Herman Tse, Richard YT Kao, Wai Lan Wu,Wilina W. L. Lim, Honglin Chen, Ming Yiu Yeung, Patrick CY Woo, Kong-Hung Sze*, Kwok-Yung Yuen*; Experimental Biology and Medicine, 236 (2011) 915-925.

11. Isolation and characterization of antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and chemopreventive flavones from Premna odorata Blanco.; by LC Pinzon, MM Uy, KH Sze, MF Wang and IK Chu; J. of Medicinal Plants Research, 5 (2011) 2729-2735.

12. Probing Protein Dynamics by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Kong-Hung Sze*, Pok Man Lai; Protein & Peptide Letters, 18 (2011) 373-379.

13. Structural characterization and anti-HIV-1 activities of arginine/glutamate-rich polypeptide Luffin P1 from the seeds of sponge gourd (Luffa cylindrica), Yiu-Ming Ng, Yinhua Yang, Kong Hung Sze, Xuan Zhang, Yong-Tang Zheng and Pang-Chui Shaw; J. Structural Biology, 174 (2011) 164-172.

14. A Rigidifying Salt-Bridge Favors the Activity of Thermophilic Enzyme at High Temperatures at the Expense of Low-Temperature Activity.; by SY Lam, RCY Yeung, TH Yu, Kong-Hung Sze, Kam-Bo Wong; PLoS Biology, 9 (3) e1001027.

15. Solution structure of the N-terminal domain of DC-UbP/UBTD2 and its interaction with ubiquitin; by Ai-Xin Song, Chen-Jie Zhou, Xiao Guan, Kong-Hung Sze and Hong-Yu Hu; Protein Science, 19 (2010) 1104-1109.

16. Solution structure of the dimerization domain of ribosomal protein P2 provides insights for the structural organization of eukaryotic stalk, Lee, Ka-Ming, Yu, Conny Wing-Heng, Chan, Denise So-Bik), Chiu, Teddy Yu-Hin, Zhu, Guang, Sze, Kong-Hung, Shaw, Pang-Chui, Wong, Kam-Bo; Nucleic Acids Research, 38 (2010) 5206-5216.

17. Identification of a Nonaketide Product for the Iterative Polyketide Synthase in Biosynthesis of the Nine-Membered Enediyne C-1027; Xiaolei Chen, ZF Guo, PM Lai, Kong Hung Sze* and Zhihong Guo*, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl., 49 (2010) 7926-7928.

18. Structure of a Nickel Chaperone, HypA from Helicobacter pylori Reveals Two Distinct Metal Binding Sites, Xia, Wei; Li, Hongyan; Sze, Kong Hung; Sun, Hongzhe, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 131 (2009) 10031-10040.

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20. Pituitary Adenylate Cyclase-Activating Polypeptide (PACAP) as a Growth Hormone (GH) -Releasing Factor in Grass Carp: II. Solution Structure of a Brain-Specific PACAP by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Functional Studies on GH Release and Gene Expression, Kong Hung Sze, Hong Zhou, Yinhua Yang, Mulan He, Yonghua Jiang and Anderson O. L. Wong, Endocrinology 148 (2007) 5042-5059.

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