BSC booking/usage rules:


(Effective from 2 January 2020)


[Only HKU Microbiology staff and students and authorized

persons are eligible to make booking via this system]

  1. The online system will only allow booking on Every Thursday at 2:00 pm (HK Observatory time) for
    a)      Next Week Session, i.e. from Monday to Sunday (Except 22/F P2 animal facility (T22-007, T22-018 and T22-021))          E.g. For 2 Jan 2020 (Thu) 2:00 pm, users can book session between 6 Jan 2020 (Mon) – 12 Jan 2020 (Sun) (10 days)
    b)      Coming 4-week (28-day) sessions counting from coming Monday (For 22/F P2 animal facility (T22-007, T22-018 and T22-021))
    E.g. For 2 Jan 2020 (Thu) 2:00 pm, users can book session between 6 Jan 2020 (Mon) – 2 Feb 2020 (Sun) (28 days)

    c)      If Thursday is holiday, you can make booking on the last working day before the holiday

    Remark: for booking more than 3 hours, all users must inform Lab Manager / Deputy Manager via email and must be approved by Lab Manager / Deputy Manager before use. (Lab Manager – Fai Ng:, Deputy Manager – Kingman Chan: or George Lo:

  2. All users must use their real names for the booking system.  If user needs to ask his/her team member for help, please make sure that all user names must be correct. 

  3. Each user should book only 1 BSC for each session. 

  4. Frequent Cancellation / Cancellation after booking will be audited and investigated.

  5. Please follow the Standard format for “Title of booking”:
    For tissue culture, cell line (pathogen), e.g. Vero (H1N1); for animal work, animal strain (pathogen), e.g. Balb/c (H1N1)

  6. If user does not show up in 10 minutes, the BSC can be taken by another user. To avoid any argument, please write down your name and contact number on the laminated “BSC In-Use Notice” on the BSC when you show up within 10 minutes if necessary.

  7. Clean up the BSC with proper disinfectant after use.

  8. For T19-032 and T22-066, first-time user group need to contact Dr. K. H. Chan and Dr. W. C. Yam respectively since clinical practice is adopted in these 2 rooms.

  9. You must check the BSC Safety Inspection Schedule before you make BSC booking. Booking that crashes the Safety Inspection Schedule is regarded as invalid.